The world map above shows GDP per capita. Economic growth has been biased toward Europe and the USA but this is now changing.

Investment Process

We deploy our own quantitative multi factor model to identify attractive stock candidates for client portfolios. This ranks all eligible companies in expected order of return. We verify and where necessary alter these expected relative returns through the application of traditional analysis performed by our experienced team. We assign responsibility on a regional basis to team members.

We utilise a forensic accounting research service in order to perform a deep dive on companies whose Governance and accounting policies we suspect to be less than standard practice. This company is called Bucephale and they can be contacted here:

All assets within the selection universe are given rank preference. Suitable portfolio candidates and allocation arise through the portfolio construction process which modifies stock, sector and country weights to achieve an optimal risk return mix. Should the client request, we can capture specific Beta characteristics in conjunction with our stock selection to add alpha. This addition of alpha to ‘smart’ Beta we call building smarter portfolios.

We incorporate ESG (Environmental Social & Governance) analysis on the final portfolio to ensure we at least match the ESG score of the client specified benchmark. Our research work has shown G to be the most important variable with poor G the source of most poor stock returns.