What is the point of being ‘ESG compliant’? Or the ‘Famous 5’ story may run and run?

By Robert Swift This is a brief article and somewhat ‘geeky’.  It is not directly about the Hayne Royal Commission although will cite specific ex...
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  • April 11, 2018

API Active portfolio management – a response to ‘smart’ Beta or Style Investing

By Robert Swift In previous articles we highlighted that active portfolio management benefits from: the ability to rebalance the portfolio as opportun...
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  • March 16, 2018

Macy’s meets Moneyball – why successful investing requires patience

By Robert Swift If you have any interest in investing, then Moneyball is a book worth reading and a film worth watching.  It is the story of a relati...
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  • March 6, 2018

Upsetting the Apple cart – is it still right to hold?

By Karl Hunt We have held Apple for some time believing it to be too lowly rated given its growth and potential.  Apple has always been relatively lo...
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  • February 13, 2018

“Was it worth it?”

By Robert Swift  Forgive us for returning to an old favourite topic. Whether a decade of Zero Interest Rates (ZIRP); massive central bank interventio...
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  • January 31, 2018

Global Outlook 2018: where policy and markets will jostle for supremacy?

By Robert Swift The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 26,000 for the first time recently, sprinting to a fresh 1000-point milestone only eight...
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